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What You Should Know About Melanotan II

Melanotan 2 is a kind of hormone that works by stimulating the body to cause pigmentation of the skin. The drug act through a process known as tanning. There is no enough studies about Melanotan II and therefore you should be careful when you are using it. You should also be careful on the product you find on the market as some of them are not real Melanotan II.

The working of Melanotan II is similar to that of melanocortin peptides. This natural hormone is very important as it is the one which is responsible for the immune system, energy homeostasis, sexual functioning, cardiovascular system, and pigmentation in your body. Once you take Melanotan II, it will work as a nonselective agonist for the melanocortin receptors. The drug is going to work on the receptors mc5, mc4, mc2, and mc1. The drug is going to work through melanogenesis where it is going to activate the mc1 receptors. The sexual effects of Melanotan II are thought to originate from the activation of mc4.

When you administer Melanotan II you are going to have side effects just like any other drug. It has both short term and long term effects. Effects of the drug that you are going to experience in the short term include lack of appetite, spontaneous erection, and facial flushing. Melanonychia, rhabdomyolysis, and depending on the moles, and melanoma are some of the long term effects that you are likely to experience when you use this drug. It is vital to note that the way the drug is administered can influence the appearance of some of the side effects and therefore you should be careful.

To administer Melanotan 2 you will need to use a syringe and a needle. You should hold the syringe at 90 degrees into your skin. Make sure that you are delivering the medication very slowly. From the experience of the customers it is recommended that you take the drug shortly before you go to bed. By doing so, you are not going to experience those immediate side effects. For the new users, you are advised that you inject 0.1ml of Melanotan II every day. When you get the color that you wanted, you are only required to inject the drug only once in a week. You shall only be needed to attend the sunbeds sessions which are supposed to be done once in every week. At the end you are going to have achieved the color that you have always desired.

Today, there is no clear information on how Melanotan II interact with other drugs. To be on the safe side, it is vital to make sure that you do not combine this drug with others. Also, there is no enough research regarding the interaction of Melanotan II with breastfeeding and pregnancy. It is however advised that pregnant and breastfeeding people to completely avoid it.

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