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Tips of Choosing the Right Exercise Saddle

The saddle is the most expensive asset you will buy after the horse. For this reason, you need to research well before buying the saddle. You definitely don’t want to hurry and choose a wrong saddle because you will have wasted your money. However, if you find the right saddle, you will enjoy the riding experience while exercising or training to be a horse rider. The following are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the saddle.

First, you should be aware about your preferred style. The type of saddle to choose will depend on the type of exercise or training you wish to use it for. Activities such as sidesaddle, jumping, or even dressage will require unique types of saddles. However, if you just want to ride your horse on the trails, then you can go for the western trail saddle and it will satisfy your needs. There is a general purpose saddle which might as well work better if you will be having occasional jumps. The type of exercises you will engage in will determine the type of saddle you will pick. The racing saddles have a lot of differences compared to one that will be used on trails. Therefore, the type of saddle you choose will play a major role in determining the quality of exercising you will have.

The other important factor to consider is the options available in terms of materials. Currently there are a variety of options compared to how it used to be in the past years. However, most saddles are made of either synthetic materials, or leather. The leather saddles are usually very expensive, difficult to clean, and a bit heavy. On the contrary, the synthetic saddles are cheaper, lighter, and very easy to clean. However, the most outstanding feature of the leather saddles is that they are far much durable compared to the synthetic ones. Therefore, there are several aspects you will need to consider before determining whether to have a leather or synthetic saddle. For example, if you can afford to buy a leather saddle, it will serve you a lot longer. If your budget is limited, then you can opt for the synthetic one but you have to be ready to replace within a shorter period of time.

Finally, you need to find a saddle that will perfectly fit to your back and on the horse’s backline. If you fail to find a perfect match, you will find yourself having health problems, especially on your back. Also, the saddle may end up affecting the horse, which can be more costly to treat. Your training sessions will only be productive and enjoyable if you find a saddle that has a perfect fitting. The saddle’s gullet is the one that determines its level of fitness. The bottom part of the gullet should not pinch the horse, or cause any form of discomfort. You may as well look at the cost of the saddles. Whereas leather saddles are believed to be very expensive, you can find an affordable one if you research well.

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