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The Benefits of an Auctioneer when Downsizing, Moving or Selling a Property

In life, it is a normal for people to transition from one level or stage to another. When changes come, one must change with time or risk being changed by time. Due to diverse reasons, an individual, family or business may opt to downsize, to move or to sell of their estate. These activities require a lot of time, resources and skill. When moving or downsizing, individuals may wish to retain a portion of their household goods, antique or collectables and sell the remaining staff. Similarly, because of the volume of items, a homeowner may opt to group their items into consignments. Regardless of the homeowner’s best efforts, the best way to downsize, move or sell of an estate is through an auction. This article will discuss the benefits of an auctioneer when downsizing, moving or selling a real estate property.

When downsizing a person may resolve to get a smaller apartment or home in comparison to the current residence. This may be because of loss of income through termination of employment or the inability to work. This may equally be because of personal reasons such as adjusting after kids are all grown up or the loss of a spouse. When downsizing, a person has to get rid of most of the collectables, antiques, and household items in order to fit into the new home or to start afresh. Similarly when a person is moving from one geographical are to another, they may not be willing to incur high transportation costs to move items that are voluminous yet not so valuable. The most rational method of getting rid of household items and other assets is through an auction.

In order to reap the best auction services, the homeowner should ensure they select the best auctioneer in the area. The best auctioneer is one who will walk with the customer in their journey. Such firms are not out to exploit their clients but instead provide a great consumer experience. Their rates and conditions are reasonable. Such an auctioneer will run a spirited campaign on the local dailies and online to advertise for the upcoming auction. They are flexible and can agree to hold the auction at the client’s home instead of moving items to the auctioneer’s premises. In order to attract large audiences, the auctioneers will ensure that the auction grounds have got ample parking, shade, refreshment and washroom facility to cater for the bidders. When the bidders are comfortable they are able to remain in attendance for longer periods of time.

On the auction day, the auctioneer will only sell the items that the homeowner wishes to sell. The rest of the items are left in the home to be moved at a later time. The auctioneer ensures that their client’s get a fair price for their items. The auctioneer can equally hold an auction for the real estate property if the homeowner so wishes. Once the auction is over, the some auctioneers can provide the homeowner with moving services to move the rest of their items to their new location or home. This of course is done at an affordable and reasonable rate.

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