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Effects of Controlled Breathing on the Quality of your Life

Stop all activities briefly, and take a deep breath that allows your belly to expand. Pause, and exhale slowly as you count to five. Repeat the steps four times. You have now successfully calmed your nervous system.

There are many stressful and confusing issues we face in life whose effect can be minimized when we practice controlled breathing. From history, we see many disciplines and groups practising breath control to focus better and enhance vitality. In the meditation, for example, your breath is your path to enlightenment. In this modern world, there are more cases of how such breathing has helped people manage the symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, depression and ADD.

When you control how you breathe, you manage to influence the response of your body’s autonomic nervous system, which is in charge of processes like your heart rate, digestion, and response to stress. When you deliberately manage the breathing process, you send a message to the brain to adjust the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system, which is in charge of many things, like how the stress hormone cortisol is released. Stress is normally responsible for most of our suffering, triggering ailments like anxiety and depression, and progressing to even more serious conditions if left unchecked. When you deliberately take slow, steady breaths, you let the brain know that everything is fine. That activates the parasympathetic response. If you do not and thus keep on taking short, rapid breaths or hold your breath, the sympathetic response will be initiated.

Examples of the effect of controlled breathing is well demonstrated in practices such as yoga. As you go through the movements in the discipline, you will be trained to focus on your breathing, no matter how complex or challenging the poses are on your body. The breathing helps you hold your body under such tension and unusual poses it is not used to. If you were depressed, you would notice after a few weeks it is disappearing. The practice is the perfect demonstration that when you take control of that process in your body, you will see positive results in other parts of your life.

Controlled breathing also has a positive effect on your immune system. When you are trained to breathe properly, your immune system will improve along the way. There is a connection to the effect of stress on your body. The more you feel stressed, the harder the physiological processes are affected. Your body will not be in a position to take care of itself well. The immune system is among the first areas to be affected. When you regain control of the calming effect through breathing, you give your body a chance to correct such imbalances.

There are many forms of controlled breathing therapies out there. They each use unique approaches to helping your body become better, fight off disease and other conditions, and make for a better quality of life. You can find some focused on individual sessions and others that encourage group sessions. You only need to make sure you are taking those offered by a certified practitioner. You can go to this site for more info.

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