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Hotdog Business – Buying the Perfect Hotdog Cart to Start Your Venture

You can easily find a good amount of hotdog carts for sale all over the internet. There are various market sites that sell new or used hot dog carts for a fairly reasonable price. You can also buy from used carts from companies that sell brand new ones. But nothing compares to the flexibility and customization options of purchasing a brand new hotdog cart straight from hot dog cart manufacturers as you might also be able to save some money in the long run.

When purchasing your first hot dog cart, you will want to ensure that the hotdog cart that you purchase is in compliance with your state’s standards. These standards are Certified or NSF. A majority of carts will be made in such manner but it is always smart to ensure that the hotdog cart that you purchase is not a homemade version that was made in somebody’s garage. Always ensure that the hotdog cart you buy was fabricated by a legitimate company. You won’t have to worry about guessing what health and sanitary requirements to follow as the state health departments will help you with all the requirements and most even have all these information posted on their respective websites.

The next thing you have to take in mind is the amount of pans you want. A minimum would be 2 pans as one pan is for cooking the hotdogs in and the other to put the hotdogs that are all set. You would want to opt for additional pans if you want to other types of hotdogs or sausages. You can also opt for a grill. Grilled hotdogs are a fan favorite and on the plus side, grilling hotdogs produce a mouth watering aroma that will surely attract customers.

You can opt for various kinds of storage features to store your buns and condiments. You can have an ice chest installed to store cold items or if you want to also sell beverages on the side. These ice chests have conveniently placed drain tubes that feed directly to the bottom of the cart to make draining melted ice much easier.

An umbrella is a staple state requirement if you want to sell hotdogs but we all want to have one even if a state does not require us. Aside from giving shade, a colorful umbrella is an iconic staple to hotdog carts, seeing that traditional bright red and yellow umbrella will bring good attention to your hotdog business. You can also have a place to hang some chips as you can attach chip clips to hang from the umbrella.

A must have feature that a lot of hot dog cart manufacturers will install is a sink. A sink to wash your hands is vital along with hot water. The hot water comes from copper tubing that run around the burners to heat up the water. This hits two birds with one stone as you will be able to have access to hot water as the water will heat up while you cook your hotdogs.

Having a hotdog cart fabricated by hot dog cart manufacturers allow great flexibility as you will be able to customize your cart to suit your needs while forgoing features that you find unnecessary as you can also save some money in the process. In some states a deep fryer is not allowed, thus you can have a cart without one and save money as opposed to buying a cart with a deep fryer you can’t even use that will only add to the cost.

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